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Woodford is a fabulous place to live, so near to Central London and close to so many amenities. The countryside isn’t far away and those who live there don’t want to move out of area.

The problem is that many are feeling trapped in homes that are too small for them. They may have bought as a couple and now have children or work changes mean that they need to have an office to work from home.

Moving is an option, but a costly one. Not only the stress of the English system of home buying and selling, but solicitors, stamp duty, estate agents are very expensive and can dent your budget by £20,000 plus.

You may have considered building an extension, but your property hasn’t got outside space or not enough to make this feasible. Gardens are popular and if you have none left, you can devalue the resale profits.

Most properties have a loft area, even some flats and maisonettes can have a loft. These are usually dark and dusty, ignored and unloved, but can hold the solution to your space needs without needing to put your property on the market. In a house of two storeys, you can extend your space by a third and in a one storey, you can double your living area.

Loft conversions should be carried out by experts who have all the experience and knowledge at their fingertips. Richway have this through many years of building these extensions in a huge variety of properties.

You need advice on the structure of your loft, where stairs and windows can go, whether planning permission is needed and how the layout can be configured to give you the best use of the available space.

Each client has a specific requirement. Some do need office space, some just want a hobby room for art or needlework. Others need space for an expanding family. A loft can give you two bedrooms or one bedroom and an en suite. A playroom for the children or a den for the teens to hang out all take the pressure of the existing living space. Richway will custom design whatever you want.

You won’t have the stress of organising anything as the team will project manage everything from planning permission, if needed, building regulations, electrics will be fully certified and heating and plumbing will be carried out to the highest standards. All you will need to do after the work is complete will be to furnish your empty new rooms to your taste.

What could be better than utilising what you already have above your head, with little disruption and mess compared to an external extension?

Even if you are having doubts whether this is suitable for you, get in touch today for a free assessment of your loft and prepare to be surprised at what can be done with your unloved attic.

For further information contact Tom Richardson on 0800 975 5765 or email using the contact form below for a prompt reply.

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