Loft Conversions Wanstead


Loft Conversions Wanstead


Loft Conversions WansteadWanstead, only twelve miles from the centre of London, is an ideal place to live with a huge variety of amenities and a great way of life.


The problem is that many who live there have had changes to their lives and have found themselves short on living space. Children come along and always need huge amounts of space and storage for their belongings and many more people are opting to work from home some days of the week, if not all.


You may be thinking of moving, but in Wanstead it’s not easy to find the right property that is affordable so many have to move away from friends and the social life they enjoy. Also selling and buying property is not easy in England, fraught with difficulties and expenses such as estate agents, stamp duty and conveyancing can cost in excess of £20,000 from you house purchase budget.


A property that was perfect five or ten years ago may well have outlived its usefulness, but the idea of moving is daunting. Many properties in this area don’t have the outside space necessary for an extension and often it is bedroom space that is needed, so looking upwards to an unused part of your home can provide the answer.


We all know what the attic can be like. A dark and dusty space full of beams and insulating fabric quite often piled with boxes of who knows what. A specialist company, Richway may well have the solution to enable you to enjoy your home for many years to come.


What do you actually need? More room for your children? Bedrooms, playroom or a den for teenagers? Perhaps you want to start a business from home or a hobby requires lots of space.


Before you phone the estate agent, contact the experts in home extensions. They can advise you in the outset if your loft is suitable to extend into. Most will be and can give you the equivalent of the footprint one one storey of your house. Richway will give you a no obligation opinion using their years of experience delivering every type of extension. They will project manage for you from the start, dealing with structural issues, if any, planning and building regulations. They have quality tradesmen who will deliver the electrical work, the plumbing, heating, plastering and decorating to the highest standard to give you a room or rooms to be proud of.


With no need to move home, a loft conversion is the easiest extension to deliver as there is less mess and disruption as all the work is carried out indoors.


Once your loft is a useable part of your home, you will reap the benefits to your home life and your property will be more attractive if you decide to market it in the future. The initial investment will pay for itself in future years as hopefully property values go up.


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