Loft Conversions Chigwell


Loft Conversions Chigwell


Loft Conversions Chigwell

Living in Chigwell and love it, but getting short on space? Maybe your home is unsuitable for an external extension and you are considering moving. Selling your house and buying another is full of pitfalls, not to mention the huge expense of estate agents, lawyers, stamp duty and moving companies. It can easily cost you £20,000 for these alone.

A simple and effective solution is to look upwards to your loft space. Even some flats and maisonettes have a loft. Above your heads and often just a forgotten, junk filled space is an area the size of the footprint of your home that can be made into a useful and beautiful space, filled with light and a wonderful enhancement to your property.

Chigwell, being only twenty miles from Central London is a popular place to live and expensive due to its proximity to countryside and the city. Any work you carry out to enhance your property will always be a great investment, not only for your quality of life in your home, but financially.

You may have considered going upwards to extend, but may be unsure of whether it is structurally possible, whether you need planning permission and whether the cost will make it worthwhile. This is where Loft Conversion Chigwell comes in. These experts really know everything about the business and can give you professional an unbiased advice.

What would you like from the extra space that can double the living area in a one storey home or extend by a third in a two storey property? You might want an area away from the rest of the family to relax, so a bedroom and en suite could give you the privacy that you crave. You may be a budding artist or sew for a hobby and want a studio. Working from home is an option for many and you could have a home office. You make need extra space for the children, bedrooms or a playroom and remember, loft extensions are flooded with light from the roof windows.

It can be a worry having work of this type done in your home, but loft extensions are the least disruptive as no external work like foundations are needed and no external walls need knocking down. A truly profession firm like Richway will keep mess and dust to the minimum.

All the project will be managed from the outset, from planning, building regulations and design by those with years of experience. The different trades will be handled by their experts and you can be rest assured that the electrics, plumbing, plastering and decoration will be top class. All you will need to do is the fun bit, the accessories and furniture.

Don’t just think about it, get in touch with Richway today and find out your options. It will be cheaper than moving home and will bring a new lease of life to your home.

For further information contact Tom Richardson on 0800 975 5765 or email using the contact form below for a prompt reply.

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