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Woodford is an ideal location to live. At only nine and a half miles from Charing Cross station in London, it has lakes, forests and country parks nearby and does have the best of both worlds, city and country. It is a great place to live, with fast access to all that London has to offer and nearby countryside. It has two stations on the London Underground Central Line.

As a result of this great location property prices are high in Woodford so if your current property is becoming too small for your needs, the cost of moving is high as once the estate agents have taken their percentage of your selling price and you have paid stamp duty it adds up to money wasted that could be spent on extending your home and giving you exactly what you need to live as you want.

Homes in Woodford vary from luxury houses to small flats and every type of property in between. It would be difficult to upsize from such a great area where you are comfortable. It makes financial sense, as many properties in Woodford have good outside space to consider the best alternative to selling.

The sheer variety of home designs in the area need professional advice from a company that has experience of extending anything from listed buildings to modern homes. Richway has all the experience to advise you of your best options right from the start.

Extensions can be a side return, rear and side extensions or in the loft or basement, single storey or two storey, but only you know what will suit your lifestyle and family best. Richway will know what will suit your needs best and help you to avoid any pitfalls.

Woodford residents lead busy lives and professional advice from a company that is expert in these builds, from the design, legal aspects, local authority requirements and building regulations will save you time and money.

Planning permission, listed building consent might be needed or your build may covered under permitted development. It’s not difficult to make mistakes at this stage, so leave it to the experts to project manage from beginning to end so that you can rest easy knowing that all aspects are being covered. All the trades used do an highly professional job on your electrics, heating, plumbing, plastering, brickwork and decor. They will match brickwork, roof tiling and windows which gives a seamless finish.

If walls need to be demolished, this will be done, ensuring that steel beams will be put into place on load bearing walls and will blend perfectly.

Richway will keep any disruption to a minimum and will support you through every stage, until your new room or rooms are complete for you to personalise with furniture and soft furnishings.

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