House Extension Wanstead


House Extensions Wanstead


House Extension Wanstead

Wanstead is situated in a convenient location for both London and countryside, being near Epping Forest. At only eleven miles from Charing central London, it has lakes and country parks nearby and has a huge advantage in being so close to everything in the capital city. It has fast access with trains every few minutes on the London Underground Central Line.

With these advantages, it will come as no surprise that property prices are high in Wanstead which can cause problems if you are outgrowing your home and need to have a larger home. Moving costs are in five figures which adds up to a waste of money that could be spent on extending your home and giving you the space you need without losing hard earned cash on estate agents and stamp duty.

Homes in Wanstead are varied with every type and style available. It would be difficult to upsize from such a great area where you are comfortable. It makes financial sense, as many properties in Woodford have good outside space to consider the best alternative to selling which is to extend.

As there is so much variety of homes in Wanstead, it makes sense to consult with experts who have years of experience in enlarging every period and style of property. Richway has the experience to discuss with you the alternatives and help you to choose the best option.

As extensions can be a side return, rear, wrap round or side extensions also in the loft or basement, single storey or two storey, the experts will soon work with you to suit your family, work and hobbies and help you to avoid the pitfalls that many people find when they go it alone.

Wanstead people are busy people so professional advice from a company that is expert in these builds, from the design, legal aspects, local authority requirements and building regulations will save you time and money.

Do you know if you will need planning permission, listed building consent or will your build be covered under permitted development? Leave it to Richway to project manage from agreement to build to the end so that you know that all the important areas are being covered and everything is legal. Their trades do an highly professional job on your electrics, heating, plumbing, plastering, and decor. Brickwork, roof tiling, outside finishes will be matched which gives a seamless finish.

Walls will need to be demolished when extending into the garden and this will be done, ensuring that steel beams will be put into place on load bearing walls and will blend perfectly.

Richway will keep any disruption to a minimum and will support you through every stage, until your new room or rooms are complete for you to personalise with the colours and things you love.

Get in touch for a detailed analysis of your options for making the most of the property you already own.

For further information contact Tom Richardson on 0800 975 5765 or email using the contact form below for a prompt reply.

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